Water Sports In Nevada Perfect For Every Woman

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If men can do it, why can’t women? This has been an inspirational quote for many women out there who are very determined in trying out things that men do. It is amazing how women would really do their best when it comes to trying out activities of men. Fixing cars, lifting weights, working as a soldier and even engaging in extreme and dangerous sports are just few of the activities wherein women are actively participating. Men should not underestimate women because they too have the capabilities of performing tasks no matter how tough it may be.

Outdoor sports especially extreme sports are not only intended for men. Women can also try this type of sport. There are so many outdoor sports in the world wherein women can join. Skiing, canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing, surfing and even racing, you can see a lot of women play these types of sport. There is always fear at first but as soon as they have become used to the sport, there will no longer be that kind of feeling that holds them back. There will even be no fear when they will carry their own self defense tazer. They can protect themselves from any harmful intentions of criminals.

Nevada is a very popular place for its water sports. And you have to know, that many women in Nevada have engaged in different water sports in Nevada. With its vast lakes and rivers, there is no reason at all why women would be left out in such.

Lake Tahoe and Truckee River which is located in Northern Nevada are very famous for outdoor recreational activities. Many tourists loved to visit this place and take part in the different activities they could engage during their stay. Lake Mead and the Colorado River located in the southern part of Nevada are also perfect for any water sports activities. You see, Nevada is the home of the most beautiful lakes you could ever see.

Women who love water sports head their way to Lake Tahoe, to Washoe Lake and Pyramid Lake since these lakes are known and best for kayaking or canoeing. The pristine blue waters make the place very fantastic. Some women even visit Lake Mead National Recreation Area especially those who love to explore and discover new things. Canyons and coves can be explored in this area making the visit to become even more worthwhile.

And who said water rafting is only for men? There are also women who love to go for white water rafting. The rapids are nothing to most women who are very determined to conquer them all. The East Fork Carson River and the Truckee River is perfect for those women who love water rafting. They can all experience different rapid levels.

Scuba diving is another water sport where women love to engage in as well. In Lake Tahoe, the water is perfect for scuba diving because it is crystal clear and visibility can exceed up to approximately 150 feet. Artificial reef and sunken trees can be seen when you dive at Cave Rock. If you want to explore historical items such as vessels, visit Lake Mead where Dive Park at North Boulder Beach is located.

Nevada’s fantastic lakes and rivers makes it very convenient for women to try the above mentioned water sports. For women, if you want to try the different water sports activities, never forget to bring your pink tazer as this will serve as your defense tool if someone envies you or even hurts you. Have fun and indulge in the beautiful waters of Nevada.


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